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Back to the Roots

Disconnect to reconnect

Agriculture 2.0, I mean, 3.0, I mean, 4..., Ok, Agriculture DOT!

Is it possible that we are still looking for a solution that does not focus on what is the real problem? Is it possible that science and technology can save us from the trouble they themselves have thrown us into? Yes, anything is possible. But credible?

I consider myself an open person, who knows how to trust others and then I feel bad about "thinking badly". That is why I stop here with the analysis of what I do not know and try, instead, to transmit to you what I do know.

Nature out there has taught me a lot over the years. I think the first reason she taught me a lot is that I was ready to learn, to listen. It was in listening that I found my best weapon. It made me patient, humble, happy.

In fact, I stopped looking for quick, insipid answers, which only served to appease my dismal obsession with answers. I began to savor the pleasure of waiting; the awareness that the answer may never come. That helped me to be freed from the expectations which I have discovered to be a huge burden for those who try to fly.

To get to the roots, I approached the soil: "The dirt is low!"

They kept yelling at me, but that's where I found the courage to say: "I don't know anything!" And it was a wonderful release. It was a huge weight that filled my belly and that had to be fueled by continuous tests of strength and demonstrations of ability.

It was when I started feeling light that I really, for the first time, believed I could fly. It was in that moment that I really found confidence in myself, in who I really was, and it is for the same reason that I started to trust others, everyone.

Each of us travels with more or fewer heavy weights, and if we begin to know how to see them, to notice them on others, we realize that we can be infinitely more sensitive, sweeter, more compassionate.

Let's start from compassion, let's start from humility. Let's not waste this great opportunity!

Each crisis brings with it a lot of pain, but also many new opportunities. So let's look back, let's look at what we have done, let's look at how ethics and morality have been reduced today, words that have now become taboo that immediately bring to mind the worst dictatorships but also have guided men for millennia and differentiate them from animals.

Today we have a great opportunity. Let's find our weights within us and let's free ourselves from them to return to being inspired by the rhythms and cycles of everything that surrounds us.

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