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Glass Half Empty

Usually, my character leads me to see what I have in my hand as a glass half full. Every year I find myself looking at the same glass and (maybe I'm getting old or it may be the pandemic!), it seems to me that over time it looks more and more like a half-empty glass.

Then I tell myself that perhaps it is not true, in the end, despite everything, we are always here, enjoying our spicy and bitter “OLIO NOVO”.

How beautiful! What a gratification!...

This year, however, there were very few olives and while I was wandering distractedly through oil mills, it seemed to me that the Tuscan olives were disappearing. In several, they were pressing strange olives, boh. Maybe I was too distracted and maybe I was wrong.


However, there would be nothing wrong if someone, unfortunately, left without olives, decided to buy olives elsewhere to crush them here. Nothing wrong with that! It would be enough to have the courage to say it. Otherwise, it ends up with people coming to Reggello and not knowing which olive oil they are buying! That would have been unfortunate!

Then there is still this Covid, and then you cannot enter the mill with friends or families. Little oil and we can't even celebrate it ... what to say, we farmers have never lacked patience and we are used to being satisfied with little to keep our smile. You know, the vintages are like this: one gets you fat and two slim you down.

However, a big GRAZIE goes to all of you who search for me every year because you are now used to our bitter and spicy oil: now you are screwed!

Merry Christmas and happy 2022!


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