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And here we are again

The olive harvest can be considered finished for this year. It was a good year, with no pests and with an average abundant harvest. Unlike the last few seasons, we have also had plenty of time to produce a very high-quality olive oil, thanks to the slow maturation and the temperatures finally suited to the period.

Everything seems to be back to normal, even the huge amount of oil sold "illegally" at very low prices, unfiltered, of course! How unfortunate it is for the many farms not able to sell even a liter of such high-quality oil at a price that can guarantee them to continue safeguarding our much-loved dry stone walls!

Oh well, thank goodness we have many friends abroad: USA, Switzerland, Estonia, Germany, England ... At least they know how to repay us for the many hardships. The question: "How much is it?" stays last in conversations with them. First, they want to know how the year went, what difficulties there were, what oils we were able to produce, and then, of course, the prices (Sometimes they don't even ask! What a great

proof of trust!).

This little video is for those of you far from us. But you are much closer in thinking than many people who live here and who do not buy oil from us because they can buy it more cheaply, forgetting that one day, very soon, they will have difficulty finding it and they will have an area full of beautiful woods, but without those precious marks of a heritage left by those who preceded us. Without history.

Thanks, however, to those who have this awareness and buy the oil without asking the price. Local people and people from Florence who understand the difference between hobbyism and professionalism, between good and excellent, between saving and investment. With so many problems around I want to close with a beautiful sentence and that is a good omen for this new year that is about to arrive:


Merry Christmas and Happy 2021

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